Expo 2017 Winner Team

EXPO 2017: Workflow of a joint venture

Persons from l. to r.: Detlef Wintzen – insglück, Ralf-Thomas Becker – mac, Antony de Taranto – gtp2, Gernot Becker – mac
Credit: HMC/Zapf

Collaborative work in the creation of the German Pavilion

Beitragsbild Expo 2017

The bidding consortium insglück, gtp2 und mac has been awarded the contract for the planning and realization of the German Pavilion of EXPO 2017. This raises questions about cooperation and organization. After we already introduced the concept of the EXPO pavilion in the article „EXPO 2017: Three FAMAB members responsible for the German Pavilion“ we are now working on the co-operation and division of labor between this workgroup.


Particularly in the case of large projects it is not uncommon for a bidding company to win a tender with a common concept. So also the EXPO-triumvirate insglück Ges. für Markeninszenierunggtp2 architekten and mac messe- und ausstellungscenter Service; according to the selection committee they were convincing with one „outstanding holistic design with a central point of reference and a stringent dramaturgy that considers the challenges and possibilities of the energy transition from a global, local and individual perspective“ .

We ask ourselves how a working group is gathering together and how they work together?

Many things have to be considered in a project of this size. Already the participation in an invitation to bid must be prepared in the long term by a bidding company. In most cases the persons and companies already know each other in advance. So also in this case. The companies insglück, gtp2 and mac are all members of the FAMAB e.V. After a joint visit of the EXPO 2015 in Milan, the companies insglück and gtp2 already decided in September 2015 to cooperate. This expedition, organized by the association, was the foundation stone and inspired both parties to submit an application for the creation of the German Pavilion in Kazakhstan. The first concrete discussions took place in the fourth quarter of last year. As a third company, mac could be won as a partner for construction. This is where the experience of mac in Asia came into play, due to your branch office in Shanghai.

Gernot Becker of mac remembers: „Anthony de Taranto of gtp2 has come to us. Since mac has not hesitated for a long time, because one estimates gtp2 and insglück.”

How is the collaboration of a multi-company project team?

Co-operation, planning, coordination, control and control of project teams across the boundaries of departments, companies and countries require special tools and skills.

We are interested in how insglück, gtp2 and mac will cooperate in the project EXPO 2017?

Anthony de Taranto from gtp2 betrays: „We work with regular and frequent joint meetings and project meetings of the partners of our work group (Arge), supported by the use of classical complementary media such as Skype and telephone conferences, a data exchange via the cloud and simultaneous working in cloud-based documents. Particularly important are closely controlled deadlines of the Arge partners as well as an open exchange of all budgets of the Arge among each other.“

Implementation on site:

The project implementation on site is accompanied by the entire Arge. This means in detail that the architectural supervision of gtp2 has been carried out, the technical construction management has been realized by the company mac and will be represented with a team of insglück on site for the entire media content and the exhibits.

An employee of the company mac comes originally from Kazakhstan. In addition, mac has a contact architect, who is based in Astana.

When begin the initial work on site in Kazakhstan?

According to Detlef Wintzen of insglück the first trip to Astana took place in July 2016: „The construction work will start in the winter. We are very glad that the building has already been largely completed as this is a crucial prerequisite for the start of the work, also because of the extreme temperatures of up to -40 degrees.“

We are already looking forward to the EXPO 2017 with these prospects.