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to dream up such sculptural objects, but the perfect and true-to-concept realisation, all within budget, is the challenge that we regularly and happily face.

Finish with precision


for the German Pavilions at Expos 2012 in Korea and 2017 in Astana and for the Kazakh Pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan we managed to finish with precision, on target and within budget. Over 1700 projects in 70 countries for over 150 clients speak for themselves.


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Architecture and design for communication is our passion. Here we engage
in a full spectrum of activities.

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In the exhibition world our practice is a household name in Germany and abroad, handling projects for national presentations, world expos, exhibition centres and halls, temporary pavilions, individual stands and multi-level structures as well as trade show concepts for public and private clients all over the world. A balanced combination of creativity, professionalism and reliability enable us to realise complex projects of any size.


Our practice with its fixed team of 12 dates back to 1986 when it was founded as GTP Architekten, Güttel · Taranto · Partner. At the end of 2012 Rainer Güttel retired from the partnership and british architect Anthony de Taranto re-launched the practice as gtp2 architekten.


We are members of fwd:

A long time ago gtp2 became a member of fwd:, the Federal Association of the Event Industry a cross-disciplinary association of the entire German event industry.


Anthony de Taranto furthermore served 8 years as a board member, representing designers and architects and hence has a special and close relationship to the association and its phenomenal national and international network.

We are founding members of the FAMAB trust foundation.

We all bear responsibility for our environment and our global climate. That is why in 2013 gtp2 decided to become a founding member of the FAMAB trust foundation, which was created to contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions produced by our industry. It was decided to invest in a reforestation project as a most direct and effective contribution, see also: www.famabstiftung.de


The trust foundation’s very own forest is growing well and very fast in the rain forest region of Panama with an area of 100,000 m². It makes us proud!

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gtp2 has teamed up with various agencies in the design development of communication solutions for show and stage concepts, events, intelligent lighting, sound technology, electronic media, set design, film presentations, shop design and graphics. Here is an overview:

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1700 projects in 70 countries for over 150 clients speak for themselves …

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Our satisfied clients continuously:

The list of clients includes government ministries, associations and public institutions, all major German exhibition companies and a host of multinational corporations. In the pursuit of marketing goals, architecture and communication are blended to form a comprehensive brand experience.