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Agency Community: insglück / gtp2 / mac realized German Pavilion at the EXPO 2017

The German Pavilion is managed by Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The topic of the EXPO 2017 is “Future Energy: Solutions for Tackling Humankind’s Greatest Challenge”. The challenges facing the world are presented by the presentation of ideas and concepts that show a sustainable access to energy and are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions worldwide as well as improving energy efficiency.

In the explanatory memorandum for the selection of the consortium of insurers / gtp2 architekten / mac, the Commission explicitly referred to the “outstanding holistic design with a central reference point and a stringent dramaturgy that considers the challenges and possibilities of the energy demand from a global, local and individual perspective”. According to this, the concept offers a clear visual implementation of the theme throughout the entire pavilion and a design of the façades that is geared to the long-term effect.

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