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EXPO 2019: German Pavilion is ceremoniously opened

Photo info: PSt Hans-Joachim Fuchtel (centre) with Alois Gerig MdB (to the right) and his delegation at the official opening of the German EXPO garden. Credit: BMEL/Aaron Berkovich

Finally it’s time: The German Garden for EXPO 2019 is opened!

The work of recent months has paid off: the German Garden at the International Horticultural EXPO 2019 in Beijing has opened. The pavilion impresses with its architecture from afar. On around 2,000 square metres, the German Garden, under the motto “Seeding the Future”, provides impetus for innovations and is an example of Germany’s commitment to successfully mastering ecological challenges.

A journey through Germany in just a few steps

The path through the garden leads visitors along a river from the coast through the whole country to the Alps. Along the way you will find plants typical of the region.

An eye-catcher on the building façade: the kinetic plant displays as an example of modern urban gardening. And because this starts with the initiative of the people, every visitor gets a “seed ball” at the entrance – a clay ball mixed with flower seeds. On the one hand, to activate the exhibits, on the other hand, to shape the future themselves according to the motto “Seeding the future”.

The exhibition

The exhibition in the pavilion is dedicated to the green developments and measures of modern gardening and landscaping. The successful transformation of an industrial site into a “Green Capital of Europe” is illustrated by the example of the city of Essen and its environs. In addition to the more than 100-year history of allotment gardens (Schreber Gardens), visitors will also learn about the significance of bees for our ecosystem, as well as the citizens’ own initiatives in the form of roof gardens and city bee farms. New digital research projects in agriculture provide an insight into the technology of the future. In the middle of the exhibition lies our “Inspiration Zone”, an ideal-typical city garden in miniature format, as an oasis of peace in all the hustle and bustle.

About the Horticulture EXPO 2019

The International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 will take place from 29 April to 7 October 2019 around 75 kilometres north-west of Beijing city centre. The EXPO site covers an area of 960 hectares, with an exhibition area of 500 hectares. In addition to around 100 nations and international organisations, around 100 domestic provinces, regions and municipalities as well as national and international companies will take part.

Read the official press release of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture here.

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Opening ceremony of Beijing horticultural expo 2019.
Credit: New China TV