Cancellation: TIF Thessaloniki International Fair 2020 by the Greek government

With disappointment gtp2 respects the decision of the Greek government to cancel the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair

All preparations for Germany’s partner country participation at the TIF had already been made in order to give the impulse for new opportunities together with Greece after the lockdown. Despite the restrictions due to the Corona pandemic, around 60 exhibitors – from start-ups to DAX corporations, from highly specialized research institutions to Thessaloniki’s partner cities Cologne and Leipzig – were prepared to focus on key future topics such as green growth, digitization, electric mobility and modern communication.

The concept

The concept is based on a nearly 6,000 m² experience of German life style, which creates a space in an inviting and attractive way through which visitors are guided with as much variety as possible. The entire hall will be designed in accordance with Corona regulations with sufficient circulation space and buffer zones as well as a clear visitor guidance system with a controlled number of people.

An irregular arrangement of the aisles is reminiscent of the formation of streets in an old town or a path in a park. Every passage leads from one open space to the next, every area surprising with new presentations. Abstract green tree structures guide the visitor through the hall along a central axis. Seating is created under the trees. The circulation space invites you to linger and always offer new views and perspectives. A white floor with a printed digital pattern mixed with QR codes ensures brightness and a modern appearance. Coloured city maps of 23 German cities are integrated into the floor pattern.

Three spaces divide the elongated shape of the hall into manageable sections. At the entrances on the front sides, spaces with special exhibits are positioned as well as a media wall (smart wall), which provides media and interactive entertainment and communication. In the middle of the hall is the central plaza, where the stage forum, the restaurant and the government information stand can be found.

Even without TIF 2020, Germany is convinced:

German-Greek cooperation, be it in politics, business, science or culture, is worthwhile for both sides, is important for Europe and opens up future opportunities.

Articles and official press releases of the German representations in Greece can be found here.

Kalimera Thessaloniki, tha ta xanapoume syntoma!

TIF 2020 – Teaser Final 2.0.
Credit: German Embassy Athens, John Nikolopoulos

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