The Energiewende “made in Germany”Concept of the German Pavilion at EXPO 2017 in Astana


The German Pavilion has chosen the slogan “Energy on Track” for the German Pavilion at EXPO 2017 in Astana from 10 June to 10 September. It comprises an attractive mix of information and entertainment, presenting sustainable technologies, innovative processes and trailblazing solutions. It has exciting exhibits that invite people to touch, test and join in, impressively demonstrating Germany’s performance and expertise in energy supply. Finally, the Energy Show will give visitors a fascinating shared experience.


The Pavilion also presents Germany as an attractive and welcoming travel destination at EXPO 2017. It has a restaurant with typical German food and drink, and a souvenir shop with characteristic mementos and gifts to remind people of their visit to the German Pavilion.


Entrance foyer

The entrance foyer gives a presentation of the 16 German states (Laender). It features presentation panels and film clips showing renewable energy projects and giving information on tourist sights. So before visitors even go into the Pavilion itself, they can familiarise themselves with some of the fundamental facts about Germany and get some insights into the Energiewende “made in Germany”.


Smartstick and smartpoints

On entering the Pavilion, each visitor receives a smartstick coded to the visitors mother tongue. This tool enables them to start up the individual exhibits, and thus interact with them. Thus the visitors collect knowledge and, in a figurative sense they also collect energy, which is stored as “smartpoints” on their smartsticks.



The Intro gives a global perspective on the challenges which humankind has to face in energy generation and distribution. It presents fascinating close-ups to give an impression of the tremendous possibilities offered by the five renewable energy sources wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass. It demonstrates that climate change is a global issue, and also that encouraging resources are available globally for a new, better energy age.


The map of the future

The first exhibition area is the “Map of the future”, featuring an oversized map of the world in transition. Visitors get a bird’s eye view of the potentials of renewable energies. It shows concrete cooperation projects such as the first Kazakhstan wind farm Yerementau I, built with German support, and gives clear and lively presentation of themes such as smart networking and future energy storage.


The city of the future

The second exhibition area, “the city of the future”, puts the focus on people’s immediate environment. It will show visitors by means of current examples from Germany what effect the transition to renewables will have on their everyday lives. It presents technologies, systems and products for building and mobility, smart homes, an algae façade and electric vehicles. It will also demonstrate an innovative process for manufacturing plastic without fossil fuels.


The Energy Show

The emotional climax of a visit to the pavilion is a visit to the Energy Show. Visitors enter a twelve-sided room with a big round table in the middles. They all place their smartsticks on the table together. The collected smartpoints are united and are converted into energy charged light pulses, which ultimately build up to a spectacular laser show with stunning images. Visitors can see how the world around them is changed as a result of their own actions. This shared experience stands for the power of the individual in combination with other human beings, generating enthusiasm for a new energy era.


Responsible parties

The concept of the German Pavilion comes from the working group insglück, gtp2 architekten and mac. Organisation of the German participation at this first global expo in Central Asia is Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, under contract with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

German Pavilion Expo 2017 – Thematic tour.
Credit: insglück


client: BMWi Ministry of Economics and Energy
organiser: Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH
agency: insglück
building contractor: mac
pavilion footprint area: 1.224 m²
gross floor area: 1.930 m² / 2 levels
project budget: 8.0 m €