NEC at ISE 2015 Amsterdam

In February ISE 2015 opened in Amsterdam. Under the motto „discover bright places“, NEC Display Solutions Europe welcomed visitors into a world of visual experiences. NEC’s visions and new applications for digital display technologies were presented within a framework of a visual journey through everyday scenarios. Whether it be shopping, a trip to a photo studio, education and work, activities in control rooms, dining and drinking, visiting galleries and museums or the trip with public transport, every day we obtain information via monitor screens. gtp2 produced a design which resembled a downtown city ensemble with building blocks and street canyons. With graphical means typical urban facade fronts were created.


At ISE NEC brought these visual experiences to life with specific product demonstrations. An artist drew cartoons with Shadow Sense Multi Touch Technology or an underground subway station was simulated, combining train schedule information with context related advertising, all based on Leafengine Sensor Technology and the SmartsignTM software. In a specially designed studio, visitors could witness photographer Adrian Weinbrecht’s intricate colour management workflow. In the zone “learning and working” the focus was on the combined use of DisplayNote Software and ultra short distance projectors for interactive whiteboard applications.


Since its first year in 2004, ISE quickly advanced to become the world’s leading trade show for professional AV. Since then the electronic system industry grows every year. The show attracts a network of experts from all over the world as well as end consumers. A new record was set in 2015 consisting of 54,000 visitors from 140 countries and 1056 exhibitors.



client: NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH
agency: Hakuhodo Deutschland
building contractor: Gregor Ahrenberg
stand area: 425 m² / 2 levels
building costs: 0.8 m €


NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH

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